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Affected Areas

Certain foundations across Connecticut and Massachusetts are at risk of degradation. Prompt attention and repair are crucial if your property resides in one of these vulnerable areas.

Is Your Connecticut Home in the Affected Area?

An estimated 42 towns in Connecticut are grappling with the pervasive issue of crumbling foundations. Properties constructed between 1983 and 2000 within these municipalities are particularly susceptible to this concerning problem. This deterioration issue is not isolated, spreading across a considerable geographic area and posing significant risk to both structural integrity and property values.

At Tolland County Foundation Replacement, we are well-versed in the challenges faced by homeowners in these affected regions. We provide comprehensive services tailored to combat the issue of crumbling foundations. Our operational reach extends throughout all impacted areas, providing consistent and reliable service dedicated to restoring and fortifying the foundations of our clients' homes. We're committed to not only addressing this prevailing issue, but also to bringing peace of mind back to homeowners across Connecticut.

Foundation Replacement Funding Is Available in Connecticut

The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC) was established with the primary aim of aiding Connecticut homeowners in navigating the financial burden associated with replacing crumbling foundations.

On July 12, 2021, Governor Lamont sanctioned a bond authorization bill which bolsters the CFSIC's funding capabilities. This additional infusion of $100 million, distributed in yearly increments of $25 million starting from July 1, 2022, further empowers the organization to assist affected homeowners.

At Tolland County Foundation Replacement, we extend our services to include assisting homeowners in navigating the application process for this aid. Our goal is to streamline the pathway to necessary financial resources and make it easier for homeowners to secure the help they need.

Funding Provided by Insurance Companies

Several prominent insurance companies have established funding avenues to aid homeowners.

The Travelers Insurance Company – A dedicated benefit program is in place to offer financial support to Connecticut homeowners grappling with crumbling foundations. Both current and past policyholders are eligible to apply for this aid.
The Hartford Insurance Group – Homeowners who hold or have held a policy with The Hartford and own a home in Connecticut can apply for The Hartford Benefit Program. This program can contribute to repair costs that aren't fully covered by the CFSIC.
Liberty Mutual Insurance – Liberty Mutual Insurance, Safeco Insurance, and their affiliates have set up a fund to aid eligible current and past customers whose repair expenses surpass the benefit amount provided by the CFSIC.

The numbers speak for themselves

There are potentially upwards of 10,000 homes within the Connecticut and Massachusetts area that may face the risk of a failed concrete foundation due to the possible presence of pyrrhotite in their concrete foundations.



Affected Homes in Connecticut



Affected Homes in Massachusetts

Is Your Massachusetts Home in the Affected Area?

While the prevalence of crumbling foundations is indeed more pervasive in Connecticut, it's important to note that properties in Massachusetts are not immune to this structural threat. The geographical distribution of this problem extends beyond state lines, and Massachusetts homeowners may likewise find themselves confronting this disconcerting issue.

Tolland County Foundation Replacement maintains an unwavering commitment to address the crumbling foundation predicament in its entirety. This means our expertise and services are not limited to Connecticut alone. Our reach extends across the border into Massachusetts, providing homeowners throughout both states with our proficient foundation repair and replacement solutions. Our mission is to serve all areas impacted by the crumbling foundation issue, assuring residents in both Connecticut and Massachusetts that they have a reliable partner in tackling this challenging problem.
Towns within the 20-mile radius deemed to be the most at risk include the following:
• Agawam
• Belchertown
• Brimfield
• Brookfield
• Charlton
• Dudley
• East Longmeadow
• Hampden
• Holland
• Longmeadow
• Ludlow
• Monson
• Palmer
• Southbridge
• Springfield
• Sturbridge
• Ware
• Warren
Towns within the 30-mile radius, marked at moderate risk, include the following:
• Granby
• Hardwick
• Holyoke
• Leicester
• New Braintree
• Oxford
• South Hadley
• Southwick
• Spencer
• Webster
• West Springfield
• Westfield

Foundation Replacement Funding May Be Available in Massachusetts

Established in 2019, the Massachusetts Special Commission is currently deliberating on the financial and economic impacts of the crumbling concrete foundations issue. Their objective is to develop financial assistance mechanisms for homeowners adversely affected by this prevalent problem.

Moreover, the commission is advising that Massachusetts take a leaf from Connecticut's book by establishing a captive insurance corporation. This corporation would manage compensation payouts to affected homeowners, further easing their financial burden.

At Tolland County Foundation Replacement, we stay informed of these financial assistance developments, diligently monitoring updates and changes as they unfold. We strive to keep our clients informed and equipped with the most recent information to navigate this challenging situation.